Happy New Year! I meant to say this about a month ago but then a nappy or two got in the way as did a Nihola Gay trike. Yes, it’s been trike, trike and more triking tra la la with a side dish of trailer-bike triking to boot. And what heady fun it’s been too. So here’s a few snap shots to get you in the swing. 

The Terminator - otherwise known as Molly coming home from school in style in a very welcome bit of low-lying wintry sun. I tried to get her to smile but I don't think she found my jokes or my standing on my head in the middle of the road very funny. But I think the passing pheasant did.


The optional extra trike - when your passenger has had enough of sitting in the box, put them on the back and let them push you.


Molly out in the trailer-bike-triking cold while I'm having a sleep in the front


School four-bys surrounding our three-by


Molly demonstrating a rear tyre shredded on another of my bikes. But I still highly recommend them - no punctures! It's a Specialized Nimbus Armadillo and survived a good 8000 miles including local hawthorn hedge cuttings. The outer tread wore so thin that it came away from the puncture proof red layer.