After several tens-of-thousands of miles my old Burley d’lite bike trailer finally called it a day so I now have a new and much-improved version which is a world away from the old design. Everything on it is better from the wheels to the folding to the fixing onto the bike.


So I've been off cycling around the exotic delights of the Isle of Wight with Daisy ensconced in the new trailer and the reluctant husband (who's very happy not cycling) pulling Molly on the trailer-bike.


Various family members limbering up pre-ride in a very lovely field of a seaside campsite


One of the highlights was coming across Yafford Mill where...


...peering over the side we espied an eel. Who needs zoos and amusement parks and Blackgang Chines (apart from Molly) when you can go for a dainty saunter on your bike in the countryside and come across a live eel going about its business?


The other excitement was coming across Chale Green bus shelter in which, exactly ten years ago, I sheltered from torrential rain while cycling around the Isle of Wight on my long-winded Round-England-and-Wales Coastal Tour. (In my book Slow Coast Home I took a photograh of mum - who joined me for a day - looking very bedraggled while sitting sheltering from the rain against a wall of 'VICKY IS A FAT SLAG' etc graffiti. These days it's all looking a bit spic and span - and the shingles have been mended too - though I'm sure fat vicky is still under there somewhere.


As it was!