As usual I’m a bit behind times on the update front but I’ve been to the rivetting CTC AGM in Weymouth pictured here with the builder husband clutching handful of wriggling offspring

...and suddenly...excitement - as the hand-waving papers shot into the air!


And still at the CTC event in Weymouth - we tried to meet up with the CTC group ride...but only found swans


More recently I've been cycling in Dorset again and here, on the road from the Sandbanks chainlink ferry, Daisy's fast asleep again - though heaven know how at that neck-crimping angle


She's still there - and still asleep


Two-wheels good but four-wheels also very good (in certain circumstances) around sunny Bosham


Back at home basecamp, a bevy of opportunist wasps thought it a good idea to attempt to build their nest on the back of Daisy's bike seat. What a great anti theft device!