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Operation Pram Push – The Walking Wagon Arrives! And so does the Mountain Buggy buggy – otherwise known as the Operation Pram Push pushchair. (This update: July 21st 2014)

Thank you to anyone who would like to sponsor us at: Or you can text: DCTC08 – followed by the amount of your donation to 70070 Eg: DCTC08 £5 to 70070 ADDED EXTRA: OPERATION PRAM PUSH UPDATE JULY 21ST 2014


Operation Pram Push (aka Operation Walking Wagon)

PS. A very big thank you to Marcel and Gerjan at for sponsoring our jolly jaunt (at least we hope it’s going to be jolly – it will certainly be a little tricky) along the South Downs and for providing us with 2 of their fine Rambler Explorers). PPS. A big thank you also […]


Operation Pram Push (Number 2)

The pram-pushing plan so far: To push young Jack (who will be 11 months old by the time we set off on Operation Pram Push) in a pram the 100-mile length of the South Downs Way during Molly’s summer school holidays (start date: about 25th July. Finish date: end of August/beginning of September). If the […]


Operation Pram Push

Before I gave birth to my small fleet of mini cyclists I never used to plan, I just let things happen. I would be cooking away (I used to be a cook) or writing away (I used to write more than I do now) when I’d suddenly just fancy heading off on my bike with […]


A new year with a new-ish baby on a not-so-new trike-bike. (Plus bike talk Olympia London 25th January 2014).

PS:   I forgot to say I’ll be giving a bike talk next weekend at The Adventure Travel Show at Olympia in London Saturday 25th January 2014 at 15.30-16.00 in the Adventure Auditorium. To buy tickets for £6 (saving £4 off the door price) just quote ‘JOSIE DEW’ when buying online at or when calling: […]


The third bus is born!

The third bus is born (see comments on last post ‘Just say no to school and yes to sunny cycles to the sea’ to see why it’s a bus) – otherwise known as little Jack Frank Appleton, a young apprentice for Gary (the builder). I was going to write more but time is limited to […]


Just say no to school and yes to sunny cycles to the sea!

Unlike last summer this summer unusually turned into a summer – at least for a while – day after day of hot, cloudless, steamy days. Good timing for those children at private schools as they could be outside to enjoy the week after week of sunshine, but bad timing for those still stuck in the […]


NEWS JUST IN!: CHICHESTER CYCLING FESTIVAL BIKE TALK IN JUNE. And Bikes and more bikes – in various shapes and sizes.

If anyone finds themselves at a loose end in Chichester (nice cathedral!) on the evening of 20th June and you fancy coming to say hello to me and pinch my tyres and feel the bounce of my saddle I’ll be giving a CYCLING AROUND THE WORLD AND CYCLING WITH OFFSPRING BIKE TALK. It’s taking place […]


Bike Talk Bonanza and we finally make it to Denmark!

A big thank you to all those who came and supported my Around the World by Bicycle Talk which I gave in the local village hall to raise money for Molly’s primary school. So thank you to all the locals who came and especially thank you to those who came from quite far afield like […]


Frosty, Snowy and Slippery School Runs and a Bike Talk for the locals and not so locals.

It’s snowed a lot more today – school’s been cancelled (hoo-rah!) so we’re buried under about half-a-foot of snow plus hefty deep snowdrifts in which the girls completely disappear from view. Meanwhile, if anyone is at a loose end on the night of Thursday 31st January I’m giving a bike talk to the locals and […]

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